How To Seduce a Man – Basic Things Every Women Should Know

Not many people know that there is not only a male pick-up, but also a female one. Its task is to seduce the object of desire by any means. After the goal is achieved, you can do anything – marry this person, continue meeting or just dump him. But only few women can achieve such opportunities, as they make many mistakes. On the way to the goal there are several obstacles that prevent reaching the desired. If you want learn how to seduce a man, you should follow the basic rules of pick-up.
Basic rules
Choosing the right outfit and accessories
Men love with eyes. Everyone knows that men love women primarily with eyes. That is why it’s very important to make a good impression at the first meeting. If a lady wants a man to pay attention to her, she needs to choose the right image. Of course, nothing will attract his attention so much as high heels and a beautiful, preferably tight, dress. According to statistics in this case, the girl is guaranteed to get 90% of attention from men.
It’s worth choosing a dress style that fits a certain type of figure. Color is also important, so you shouldn’t be based on fashion trends, but choose a shade that perfectly suits your appearance. If a woman doesn’t know how to wear high heels, then it’s better to limit oneself to the average length of heels. There is nothing worse than a terrible gait because of too high heels. By the way, you can apply some trick. Now there are a lot of shoes that have rather high heels, but due to the platform it’s much easier to wear them.
In addition to dress and shoes, it’s very important to choose the right accessories. A huge bag doesn’t fit a beautiful evening gown, but a neat little clutch will complement it perfectly. Excessive adornment can also spoil the overall appearance. It’s better to confine yourself to a modest necklace with a small pendant, earrings and a bracelet. In general, earrings are recommended to be worn if the ears are open. In another case, you can go without them. You should use a maximum of 2 eye-catching things in you outfit, for example, a purse and a belt. But if you use more bright elements, then you can look like a Christmas tree.
Beautiful and restrained make-up – the key to success
A very important element of your image is proper make-up. Men prefer a rather restrained make-up. Therefore, don’t use too much make-up, especially if the date is in the daytime. Bright make-up is suitable only for special occasions, such as a solemn event at work or New Year’s Eve. Don’t experiment before the date, since it’s best to stop on that make-up that is used most often and is ideal for your appearance.
Visual contact
If the outfit and make-up have created a furore, then it’s time to take the next step. This is eye contact and it’s one of the most powerful ways to seduce a man at the first meeting. Giving the man his modest smile, you should turn your head and continue talking with your friend or drinking your cocktail. If a man doesn’t have time to notice such a beautiful person, then you need to draw his attention. But don’t flesh before his eyes, as it will only cause unpleasant emotions. The psychology of men isn’t too complicated, simply by tiding hair and crossing legs, a woman has the opportunity to entice a man. Find a Russian bride if you want to feel first-hand such a flirtation.
It’s especially important to show some indifference to this object. You can even flirt with another man to make him even more willing and interested. But don’t overdo it, you just need to let him know that he isn’t the only man in this establishment.
Correct behavior when dealing with a man
A very important point is conversation with a man. Everybody knows that seduce a man over text is much easier than through face to face. Let’s clear up how to seduce a man with words. Here you need to show tact and interest in the words of your interlocutor. You need to listen carefully to a man and ask questions if something is unclear, since it will be very pleasant to him. You need to try to speak with him the same language, using in communication some phrases from his lexicon. During communication, you can accidentally touch his knee or shoulder, in such a way a woman holds affection for a man. It’s one of the best ways how to seduce a man with touch.
As you can see, girls have every chance to win any man who they like. It isn’t necessary to attend women’s trainings, where they teach girls to seduce men. It’s enough just wear the right clothes and put on proper make-up, and also to reveal your true feminine qualities, such as womanhood, sexuality and the art of communication.

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