7 Ways To Make Male Orgasms Better

Women can have several orgasms in a row – this is a well-known fact. But for men in the sexual sphere the situation is somewhat different. Male orgasm is selective and capricious, depends on many factors, occurs with a palpable interval and lasts much shorter than the female – just a few seconds. And it isn’t just a woman’s efforts to make her beloved pleasant. Male orgasm in many respects depends on various indirect factors. Now we’ll analyze them and give you tips on how to make orgasms better.
1. Male orgasm depends on self-confidence
If your man suddenly has complexes in regards to something – he obviously will have more important things to think about than orgasm. And you – even more so. So if you want make better orgasms for a man, praise and encourage him as often as possible. Believe us, your motivating words and affectionate touch will be repaid a hundredfold. After all, high self-esteem, like air, is needed by every man in such an important matter as sex.
2. The quality of male orgasm depends on the rest
Orgasm and healthy lifestyle are closely interrelated. You shouldn’t let your man to bring himself to extremes with grueling training and heavy physical labor. But maintaining body in healthy tone is an important condition for full-fledged sex. Also it’s a very easy way how to have better orgasms.
3. Male orgasm requires high-quality nutrition
Proper nutrition is very important for men. A hungry man won’t think about sex. The other extreme is overeating. After that, you want to take a nap, not a romantic continuation. But properly selected light supper, enriched with celery, seafood and other aphrodisiacs, will benefit your man by tuning his body to the right wave. A glass of light wine will also relieve tension and awaken erotic fantasies.
4. Male orgasm doesn’t tolerate unnecessary chatter
All that men need is only groans and laconic remarks. And all the discussions, heart-to-heart talks, questions and comments should be locked out outside the bedroom. Don’t break the process by unnecessary conversations, because they can distract your partner from the highest point of enjoyment at the most inopportune moment!
5. Male orgasm requires more sensations
To get new sensations from orgasm pay attention to the whole body, digress from the genitals and expand the sexual anatomy. Study other parts of the body (your and your partner’s), try to stimulate them in different ways and with varying intensity.
Concentrate on the sensations and, most importantly, don’t take activity as a prelude. Let your whole body become a full participant in the sexual process – then the process itself and its result will be more interesting. It’s one of the best tips on how to have better orgasms for men.
6. Male orgasm depends on the female mood
It’s another useful tip for better orgasms. For a man your mood is important. If you worry because of make-up or excess wrinkle at the waists – this can automatically affect the mood of your man, confusing him. It’s better not to bother and not to distract him for nothing, but completely give yourself to the process of obtaining pleasure. Ask Russian brides for more tips on how to think in the right direction during the sexual intercourse.
7. Male orgasm requires proper imagination
Fantasy can both improve sex and lead to a powerful orgasm, and ruin everything in the harshest possible way. In the first case we are talking about erotic thoughts and dreams, which a couple realizes in sex. They help liberate yourself, get aroused faster and have a new experience.
The second kind of fantasy is the way one of the partners distracts from what is happening. The reason can be in anxiety, or difficulties with concentration. Then one should train awareness and focus on bodily sensations. If the matter is that a person doesn’t like something in sex, it’s an occasion to talk with a partner or a doctor (sexologist, or psychotherapist) about his feelings.

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